Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides technical support on capital improvement projects ranging from concept development through engineering design and construction inspection. The department is also involved in the review of development applications before the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. The department serves as Planning Board Engineer.
Inspection services are provided on approved development projects after the performance bond is posted and permits are issued.
Partnering with the Community
Periodically, the Engineering Department develops updates to the township development for zoning, recreation, green space, housing, drainage, etc. and implements recommendations to the Planning Board and Township Committee. Other services include road improvement design, tax map and zone map revisions, studies to evaluate sewer rates, capacity studies of storm sewers, flood studies and investigations, traffic studies, and evaluations of county and state projects within the township.

The Township Engineering Department serves as a liaison between the township, Union County Engineering Department and the New Jersey Department of Transportation on various projects.

State Projects (2013-2016)
  • Chestnut Street Bridge Replacement
  • Route 22 East Acceleration Lane
  • Route 22 / 82 / GSP Improvements
  • Route 22 Repaving
Current Road Projects
  • 2014 Road Program - Allen Avenue (Burnet Avenue to Liberty Avenue); Doris Avenue (Burnet Avenue to Liberty Avenue)
  • 2014 Micro Surfacing Program - Stanley Terrace, Hilton Avenue and Valley Street
  • 2014 Community Development Block Grant Road Program - Carnegie Place (Burkley Place to township Line) and Catherine Street
2015 Road Projects
  • Walker Avenue – Oakland Ave. to Municipal boundary with Irvington
  • Carnegie Place –Burkley Place to Laurel Avenue
  • Catherine Street –Burkley Place to Astoria Place
  • Layton Drive –Spruce Street to Braun Terrace
  • Portsmouth Way - Oakland Avenue to Arbor Lane
  • Rosetta Place– Spruce Street to Braun Terrace
  • Harding Avenue– Morris Avenue to Vaux Hall Road
  • Walton Avenue– Galloping Hill Road to Sinclair Ave.
  • Huntingdon Road– Galloping Hill Road to Salem Road
  • Astoria Place– Carnegie Place to Elm Street
Other Projects (2013-2014)
  • Milltown Road Pump Station Upgrades