5th Grade

Title Section Author
The Gawgon & the Boy JF Alexander
The Game of Sunken Places JF Anderson
The Good Dog JF Avi
The Anybodies JF Bode
Bustin Grubbs: One Man Show JF Bonk
Treekeepers JF Britton
Shakespeare's Secret JM Broach
The King of Murder JM Byars
Dog Sense JF Collard
Free Baseball JF Corbett
Replay JF Creech
Elijah of Buxton J Newbery Curtis
Igbal JF D'Adamo
Bringing Erza Back JF DeFelice
I, Jack JF Finney
Darby JF Fuqua
Igraine the Brave JF Funke
Coraline JF Gaiman
Pure Dead Magic JF Gliori
The Liberation of Gabriel King JF Going
The Road to Paris JF Grimes
The Homework Machine JF Gutman
The Old Willis Place JF Hahn
Airball: My Life in Briefs JF Harkrader
The Trouble Begins JF Himelblau
Island of the Aunts JF Ibbotson
Magpie Gabbard & the Quest for the Buried Moon JF Keehn
Stranger Next Door JF Hehert
Deliver Us From Normal JF Klise
Saffy's Angel JF McKay
A Friendship for Today JF McKissack
Twelve JF Myracle
Who Won the War JF Naylor
The Higher Power of Lucky J Newbery Patron
The Scarecrow & his Servant JF Pullman
Becoming Naomi Leon JF Ryan
Magyk JF Sage
White Giraffe JF St. John
The Unseen JF Snyder
The Case of the Missing Marquess JM Springer
Space Race JSF Waugh
Hunchback JF Wright
Odysseus in the Serpent Maze JF Yolen