6th Grade

Title Section Author
The Witch of Clatteringshaws JF Aiken
the golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio JF Alexander
Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator JF Allison
Raleigh's Page JF Armstron
Spacer & Rat JSF Bechard
Millions JF Boles
Framed JF Boyce
Wabi: A Hero's Tale JF Bruchac
Gideon the Cutpurse JF Buckley-Archer
Blood on the River JF Carbone
Samir & Yonatan JF Carmi
If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period JF Choldenko
Things Not Seen JSF Clements
The Runaway Princess JF Coombs
The Last Dragon JF DeMari
The Sacrifice JF Dubles
Odd Man Out JF Ellis
Bradley & the Billboard JF Farrell
Soccer Chick Rules JF Fitzgerald
Thief Lord JF Funke
Into the Woods JF Gardner
I, Coriander JF Gardner
Dragon Slippers JF George
Dark Water Rising JF Hale
The Silver Donkey JF Hartnett
Middle School is Worse then Meatloaf JF Holm
Sand Dollar Summer JF Jones
Weedflower JF Kadohata
Kimchi & Calamari JF Kent
The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World JF Konigsburg
Skulduggery Pleasant JF Landy
Here Today JF Martin
Breathe: A Ghost Story JF McNish
The Boy Who Spoke Dog JF Morgan
The King of Mulberry Street JF Napoli
All of the Above JF Pearsall
Here Lies the Librarian JF Peck
The Lightning Thief JF Riordan
the Invention of Hugo Cabret J Newbery Selznick
Changeling JF Sherman
Rewind JSF Sleator
Bella at Midnight JF Stanley
The Mysterious Benedict Society JSF Stewart
Emma-Jean Fell Out of a Tree JF Tarshis
Heir Apparent JSF Vande Velde
Leepike Ridge JF Wilson
Locomotion JF Wilson