2nd Grade

Title Section Author
Dolphins on the Sand JP Arnosky
Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective JP Biedrzycki
Rain Stomper JP Boswell
Pish and Post JE Bottner
Violet The Pilot JP Breen
On the Go With Pirate Pete & Pirate Joe JE Cannon
Minnie & Moo Series JE Cazet
Cork and Fuzz Series JE Chaconas
For You Are a Kenyan Child JP Cunnane
Space Cat JE Cushman
Welcome to Zanibar Road JP Daly
Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown JE Danziger
T-Rex Is Missing JE DePaola
I Lost My Tooth in Africa JP Diakite
Tyrannosaurus Drip JP Donaldson
Willoughby & The Lion JP Foley
Princess Pigsty JP Funke
Ginger Bear JP Grey
Iris and Walter Series JE Guest
Garden That We Grew JE Holub
Big Bad Wolves at School JP Krensky
So What's It Like to Be a Cat JP Kuskin
Bookstore Ghost JE Maitland
Swine Lake JP Marshall
Pearl & Wagner: Two Good Friends JE McMullan
Three Stories You Can Read... JE Miller
Dragon Pizzeria JP Morgan
Ducks Don't Wear Socks JP Nedwidek
Annie and Simone JE O'Neill
Ballet Sisters: Duckling & the Swan JE Ormerod
Punctuation Takes a Vacation JP Pulver
Mice and Beans JP Ryan
Mr. Putter & Tabby Series JE Rylant
How to Drive Your Sister Crazy JE Shore
Cowgirl Kate Series JE Silverman
Madam President JP Smith
Groundhog Gets a Say JP Holiday Swallow
Dear Mrs. Larue: Letters From... JP Teague
Good Night, Good Knight JE Thomas
Amanda Pig Series JE Van Leeuwen
Baa-Choo JE Weeks
Make New Friends JE Wells
Pigs Make Me Sneeze JP Willems
My Teacher for President JP Winters