"Best Sub in Union" Contest Top 3

As part of UnionTV34's Wining & Dining Show special "Best of Union" we wanted to highlight the subs and sandwiches in the township. We had a "Best Sub in Union" online contest where there was over 600 votes. Each person was able to vote for their top best cold sub and best hot sandwich, from that we tallies to find the Township of Union Top 3 for each category. 
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Mr Sub
641 Chestnut St
Voted #1 Best Cold Sub Shop
& 3rd Best Hot Sandwich Shop
Padonno's Pizza
517 Chestnut St
Voted #1 Best Hot Sandwich Shop
Cozy Corner
558 Rahway Ave
Voted 2nd Best Cold Sub & Hot Sandwich
ShopRite of Union
2401 Route 22 West
Voted 3rd Best Cold Sub Shop