Adopt A Pet - Dogs

Come and visit our Animal Shelter and meet our friendly animals that are available for adoption. Help us find homes for these animals that are in desperate need of a loving and caring home. 
Georgie is a sweet and playful 8-9 year old mix, about 40 pounds. Georgie is very well behaved and loves everyone. He LOVES playing fetch and is a master at the game. He will play for hours on end. Georgie also knows his commands and is good with other dogs and cats. 

Georgie was found as a stray. He was hit by a car and had a huge gash on his forehead. He also had head trauma and a concussion. Lucky for him, a pair of EMTs found him and were able to rush him to help. It's a miracle this sweet pup survived. Talk about the will to live!!


Negra is just 5 years old and loves to go for walks or play with her doggy friends. She enjoys the company of other dogs, especially her "sisters" Crystal & Ella. She is good with cats and didn't mind the guinea pig that lived in her former home. She can be a little shy when meeting strangers, but it doesn't take her long to warm up. 


Dash is a 2 year old happy and friendly boy. He loves going for walks and playing with toys. He gets along with other dogs and hasn't minded the cats. He is very smart and eager to learn new things in his forever home.

Tyson is a Boxer mix about 4 years old. He's very sweet, loves going for walks and playing with tennis balls. He gets along with everyone he has met, dog and human alike. He also doesn't seem to mind cats.
Tyson II