2017 Road Program

This year, the Township will be repaving 49 roads and making substantial road and other enhancements to the Special Improvement District. 

The 2017 Road Program will be broken into three phases. To date, only details for phase one and phase two have been released, with information pending on phase three of the project; which will be funded partially by Elizabethtown Gas Co. to improve the streets that may have been affected during their work throughout the year. 

Union County Road Projects Map for the Township of Union

Phase One                                  

  • Arbor Lane (Oakland Ave. To Vauxhall Rd.)                               
  • Winchester Ave.
  • Roessner Ave

Phase Two

  • Joana Way
  • Audrey Terrace (Liberty Ave. to Allen Ave.)
  • Hobart Street
  • Stone Street 
  • Garden Street
  • Marion Street (partially Funded by the Community Development Block grant)

Phase one and phase two are being funded by long term capital improvement financing with the addition of a County of Union Infrastructure Grant totaling approximately $100K plus a $100k Community Development Block Grant allocated for Marion St.

The Stuyvesant Ave streetscape project is rolling out alongside phases one and two of the road program with $215k of funding coming from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund. 

The County of Union will also be repaving a number of streets, including Chestnut St., Burnet Ave. and a section of Salem Rd,, along with the State of New Jersey who is paving Morris Ave. from the Springfield line to Caldwell Ave., and Morris Ave. from Lehigh Ave. to North Ave. in the near future.

In addition to the roads outlined in the 2017 program, the Department of Public Works is in the field on a daily basis assessing roads and scheduling repairs. According to Ulrich, the Department encourages the public to continue to utilize the Township’s “Report-A-Concern” feature on their website if they need to notify the Department about a potential road hazard.  

Phase III

  • Austin Road
  • Azalea Road
  • Bailey Avenue
  • Barton Road
  • Bashford Avenue
  • Brooksdie Road
  • Burke Road
  • Burns Place
  • Coakley Drive
  • Colonial Road West
  • Cranbrook Road
  • Douglas Terrace
  • Ellen Street
  • Field Road
  • Florence Terrace
  • Indian Run Pkwy North
  • Inwood Road 
  • Jean Terrace
  • Leo Place
  • Mitchell Avenue
  • Norton Road
  • Ogden Road
  • Parkview Drive
  • Reid Street
  • Renner Avenue
  • Robin Lane
  • Sayre Road South
  • Sheridan Street
  • Skyview Road
  • Stratford Road
  • Trent Place
  • Wilson Terrace
  • Winthrop Road
  • Woodside Road
  • Wyoming Avenue