How Do I...

  1. Apply for a Dog or Cat License

    Receive a dog or cat license.

  2. Apply for a Marriage License

    Inspect information about how to apply for a marriage license.

  3. Apply for a State License or Certificate

    Apply for a state license or state certificate.

  4. Apply for Section 8 Housing Assistance

    Examine different housing aide options.

  5. Apply to Adopt a Pet

    Review how to adopt the perfect pet for your family.

  6. Get a Garage Sale Permit

    Obtain a garage sale permit.

  1. Get a Public Records Request Form

    Find a public records request form.

  2. Pay My Ticket Online

    Access information on how to pay your ticket.

  3. Pay Taxes Online

    Pay your taxes online.

  4. Sign up for a Senior Program

    Discover a fun program.

  5. Submit an Employment Application

    Download our employment application.

  6. Submit an Online Crash Report

    Look up how to submit a crash report.