Earth Day

Help us celebrate Earth Day on April 22, which also marks its 50th anniversary. How are you making Earth Day more meaningful in your home or business? Earth Day, of course, is more than thinking about the environment for just a day. It is a time to celebrate our Earth, and take actions to be kinder to the earth all year long. 

Here are some Earth Day Tips for going green and celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day Tips

  • Turn off all electronics when they are not in use. Lights, laptops, computers, heat or air-conditioning
  • Change PCs over to laptops or tablets. They use less power and are usually made from recycled material
  • Make sure your products you are using are eco-friendly and recycled
  • Using public transportation, carpool, walk or bike to work
  • Recycle all of your waste

Earth Day Tips for Businesses

  • Cleaning your front windows  
  • Cleaning the outside front and back of your business
  • Cleaning your vents and filters
  • Checking signs for damage and dirt
2021 Earth Day in the Center