Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the administration of zoning and property maintenance regulations as well as the issuance of building permits. General overviews of these areas are as follows:

Building Permits

Building permits are issued in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. All required forms are available at the main counter. Personal assistance is available to answer any questions or to help in the completion of documents.

Rental Registration

Certificate of Continued Occupancy

*For reinspection, call office & s link will be sent. Fee is $75 each.  

Zoning Permits

Zoning permits are required for the following; New Home, Addition and/or alteration, Deck, Pool, Fence, Shed, Driveway Expansion, etc. Please provide copy of survey with application.

Information on Pools


Compliance with zoning ordinances is the responsibility of the Zoning Officer. Any questions or issues pertaining to uses of property, parking requirements, setbacks, height and other zoning matters can be answered by the Zoning Officer.

Vacant Property Registration (VPR)  

The owner of any vacant property as defined by Ordinance 5440 shall, within 14 calendar days after the building becomes vacant property or within 14 calendar days after assuming ownership of the vacant property, whichever is later; or within 14 calendar days of notice by the municipality, file a registration statement for such vacant property with the Construction Code Official. To complete the registration form please view more.

Ordinance 5440 page

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance inspectors insure that residents and businesses maintain their properties in compliance with township ordinances. All problems or questions in this area can be directed to the Building Department for immediate response from our inspectors.

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