Public Works

Mission The Township of Union Department of Public Works is dedicated to providing the physical services and improvements that make this municipality a safer, cleaner, and more attractive place to live. These responsibilities fall to the eight divisions, which work both alone - and in mutual cooperation- to achieve the highest possible standards of success.

The Department of Public Works provides a variety of services for its citizens

  • Drainage Repairs
  • Refuse Collections
  • Road Maintenance
  • Sewer
  • Snow Plowing
  • Street Sweeping

We also maintain over 650 streets, manage the township's recycling program, maintain public facilities, maintain all public parks, manage and maintain public trees, enforce regulation and laws that effect the right of way and township ordinances.


Administration responds to public concern, supports operational divisions, maintains administrative records concerning the functions of the department and maintains fiscal control of all accounts associated with the department's budget and mission requirements.