UnionTV34 History

From 1978 to 2004 UnionTV34 was called ED2 later in 04' it was rebranded when Sal Terrezza, Station Manager came on board. Over the years, UnionTV34 has grown from a one studio set with curtain backdrops to currently having custom virtual sets and in 2012 became one of the first studios in the county to have a fully HD studio. In 2008, UnionTV34 expanded with the launch of Channel 36, Union's Info Channel on Comcast and Verizon. Channel 36 consists of 24 hours a day of community announcements, traffic, weather forecast and news feed provided by Tap into Union. UnionTV34 was designed to film the UHS Graduation, school plays, Township Committee Meeting and other meetings such as zoning and planning board. UnionTV34 is proud to cover all the public meetings for our residents however does a bit more than just that.

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