Title Section Author
Bubba & Beau, Best Friends JP Appelt
Gladys Goes Out to Lunch JP Anderson
Sun Is My Favorite Star JP Asch
In a Blue Room JP Averbeck
The Water Hole JP Base
Splendid Friend Indeed JP Bloom
Off to First Grade JP Borden
Gingerbread Baby JP Brett
Adventure Annie Goes to Work JP Buzzeo
Ella Sarah Gets Dressed JP Chodos-Irvine
Letters From A Desperate Dog JP Christelow
Full, Full, Full of Love JP Cooke
Rap A Tap Tap JP Dillon
Cha-Cha-Chimps JP (Counting) Durango
Oodles of Animals JP Ehlert
Someone Bigger JP Emmett
Olivia JP Falconer
Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! JP Fleming
Magic Hat JP Fox
Just What Mama Needs JP Glenn
Red Truck JP Hamilton
Katie Loves the Kittens JP Himmelma
Bumpety Bump JP Hutchins
Lost & Found JP Jeffers
Ready for Anything JP Kasza
Water Hole Waiting JP Kurtz
The Other Dog JP L'Engle
I Love My Pirate Papa JP Leuck
Dim Sum for Everyone JP Lin
Dinosailors JP Lund
Hondo & Fabian JP McCarty
I Stink JP McMullan
Web Files JP+ Palatini
The Little Red Hen J 398.2 Pinkney
Smash! Crash! JP Scieszka
Dragon Dancing JP Schaefer
Good Boy, Fergus JP Shannon
Tippy-Toe Chick Go JP Shannon
Wild About Books JP Sierra
Pouch JP Stein
Wee Little Chick JP Thompson
Tiny's Big Adventure JP Waddell
Yoko Writes her Name JP Wells
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive... JP Willems
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight JP Yolen