3rd Grade

Children Who Smelled a RatJFAhlberg
Never Glue Your Friends to ChairsJFApplegate
Ivy and BeanJFBarrows
The Blue GhostJFBauer
Magical Ms. PlumJFBecker
The World According to HumphreyJFBirney
Going, Going, Gone With the Pain and the Great OneJFBlume
Bad Kitty Gets a BathJFBruel
Boo's DinosaurJFByars
Gloria RisingJFCameron
Snake and LizardJFCowley
Mercy Watson to the RescueJFDicamillo
Phineas L. McGuire...Erupts!JFDowell
The Jamie & Angus StoriesJSCFine
Dream StealerJFFleischman
Make Way for Dyamonde DanielJFGrimes
Dear MaxJFGrindley
Emmaline & the BunnyJFHannigan
Just GraceJFHarper
Goof-Off GoalieJFHicks
Houndsley & CatinaJFHowe
Andy Shane & the Queen of EgyptJEJacobsen
Winnie at Her BestJFJacobson
Toys go OutJFJenkins
Lucy Rose: Big on PlansJFKelly
Martin Bridge: Ready for Take-offJFKerrin
Dinosaur TroubleJFKing-Smith
Lumber Camp LibraryJFKinsey-Warnock
Princess TestJFLevine
Ruby Lu: Brave and TrueJFLook
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls...JFLook
Grandfather's DanceJFMacLachlan
How Oliver Olsen Changed the WorldJFMills
Roxie & the HooligansJFNaylor
Uncle PirateJFRees
Araminta Spookie: My Haunted HouseJFSage
Calvin Coconut: Trouble MagnetJFSalisbury
Akimbo & the ElephantsJFSmith
Keen Ford & the Field TripJFThomson
Melvin Beederman, Superhero...JFTrine
Frankie Pickle & the Closet of DoomJFWight