5th Grade

Title Section Author
Game of Sunken Places JF Anderson
Whittington JF Armstrong
The Good Dog JF Avi
Chasing Vermeer JM Balliett
Puzzling World of Winston Breen JM Berlin
The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale... JF Birdsall
The Anybodies JF Bode
The Masterpiece JM Broach
Bearwalker JF Bruchac
King of Murder JM Byars
Doc Wilde & the Frogs of Doom JF Byrd
Storm Warriors JF Carbone
Al Capone Does My Shirts JF Choldenko
Half-Moon Investigations JM Colfer
Dog Sense JF Collard
Gregor the Overlander JF Collins
Free Baseball JF Corbett
Juliet Dove, Queen of Love JF Coville
The Unfinished Angel JF Creech
Bud, Not Buddy J Newberry Curtis
Elijah Of Buxton J Newberry Curtis
Bringing Ezra Back JF DeFelice
The City of Ember JSF Duprau
Jeremy Cabbage & the Museum of Human Oddballs... JF Elliott
The Birchbark House JF Erdrich
I, Jack JF Finney
Igraine the Brave JF Funke
I am Not Joey Pigza JF Gantos
Wild Girl JF Giff
Pure Dead Magic JF Gliori
The Liberation of Gabriel King JF Going
The Homework Machine JF Gutman
The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story JF Hahn
Bluish JF Hamilton
My One Hundred Adventures JF Horvath
Into the Wild JF Hunter
The Tygrine Cat JF Iseries
We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes JF Jennings
Goose Chase JF Kindl
Regarding the Bees JF Klise
The Buddha's Diamond JF Marsden
The Doll People JF Martin
A Dog's Life JF Martin
11 Birthdays JF Mass
Saffy's Angel JF McKay
The Mousehunter JF Milway
Eleven JF Myracle
Who Won the War JF Naylor
Midnight for Charlie Bone JF Nimmo
Mister Monday JF Nix
Keeping Score JF Park
The Higher Power of Lucky J Newberry Patron
Looking for Bobowic... JF Pinkwater
The Magic Thief JF Prineas
Simon Bloom, Gravity Keeper JF Reisman
Magyk JF Sage
The Case of the Missing Marquess JM Springer
Surviving the Applewhites JF Tolan
There's a Dead Person Following My Sister JF Vande Velde
Space Race JSF Waugh
Oggie Cooder JF Weeks
The Dragon's Child JF Yep