Having a New Baby

Title Section Author
Welcome Home Little Baby JP Aliki
Sophie and the New Baby JP Anholt
Someone's come to Our House JP Appelt
Monster Brother JP Auch
Kiki's New Sister JP Barrett
Waiting for Baby JP Birdseye
You're a Brother, Little Bunny JP Boelts
Daniel's Dog JP Bogart
Franklin's Baby Sister JP Bourgeois
Arthur's Baby JP Brown
Our Teacher's Having a Baby JP Bunting
Kiss Your Sister, Rose Marie JP Carlstrom
Mama, Coming and Going JP Caseley
I'm a Big Brother JP Cole
The New Baby at Your House J 306.875 Cole
Will There Be a Lap for Me JP Corey
Darcy and Gran Don't Like Babies JP Cutler
The Baby Sister JP DePaola
Baby Comes Home JP Driscoll
I Love My Baby Sister (Most of the Time) JP Edelman
We Have a Baby JP Falwell
That New Pet JP Ferguson
Ben's Baby JP Foreman
Don't Wake the Baby JP Franklin
On the Day You Were Born JP Frasier
Mr. Bear's New Baby JP Gliori
Jack and the Monster JP Graham
She Comes Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl JP Greenfield
My Baby Brother JP Hains
Our New Baby JP Hamilton - Merritt
Hi New Baby JP Harris
Angelina's Baby Sister JP Holabird
Mommy's Lap JP Horwitz
A New Baby in My House J INS 305.2 Videocassette
Peter's Chair JP Keats
Geraldine's Baby Brother JP Keller
Welcoming Babies J 305.232 Knight
Baby for Max J 306.875 Lasky
Me Baby JP Levinson
I Want a Brother or Sister JP Lindgren
The New Baby JP Mayer
Hello Baby J 612.6 Rockwell
The New Baby J 305.2 Rogers
Lily and the President JP Ross
Hannah's Baby Sister JP Russo
Laurie's New Baby JP Schlein
Daisy and the Egg JP Simmons
Little Tiger's Big Surprise JP Sykes
A Place for Ben JP Titherington
Rosie's Babies JP Waddell
When the Teddy Bears Came JP Waddell
A Baby Just Like Me JP Winter