Beyond Harry Potter

Title Section Author
Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio JF Alexander
Fairy Rebel JF Banks
Lost Years of Merlin JF Barron
Magic Half JF Barrows
Peter & the Starcatchers JF Barry
Secret History of Tom Trueheart JF Beck
The Wizard Test JF Bell
Well Wished JF Billingsley
The Anybodies JF Bode
Wabi: A Hero's Tale JF Bruchac
Fairy-Tale Detectives JF Buckley
The Dark Hills Divide JF Carman
Artemis Fowl JF Colfer
Gregor the Overlander JF Collins
Runaway Dragon JF Coombs
Over Sea, Under Stone JF Cooper
Dark Whispers JF Coville
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale JF Cowell
Revenge of the Witch JF Delaney
The Spiderwick Chronicles JF Diterlizzi
The Conch Bearer JF Divakaruni
Ruins of Gorlan JF Flanagan
Dragon's Milk JF Fletcher
Girl Who Could Fly JF Forester
The Graveyard Book J Newbery Gaiman
Elidor JF Garner
Dragon Flight JF George
City Of Masks JF Hoffman
Secret Country JF Johnson
Emmy & the Incredible Shrinking Rat JF Jonell
Howl's Moving Castle JF Jones
Philippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister JF Kessler
Theodosia & the Staff of Osiris JF Lafevers
Skullduggery Pleasant JF Landy
Savvy JF Law
Ever JF Levine
Squire's Tale JF Morris
Midnight for Charlie Bone JF Nimmo
Mister Monday JF Nix
Wolf Brother JF Paver
Wee Free Men JF Pratchett
The Magic Thief JF Prineas
Key to Rondo JF Rodda
The Wall & the Ring JF Ruby
Cabinet of Wonders JF Rutkowski
Magyk JF Sage
Fortune's Magic Farm JF Selfors
Changeling JF Sherman
The Thief JF Turner
100 Cupboards JF Wilson