Historical Fiction for Grades 3 - 6

Title Section Author
Before We Were Free JF Alvarez
The Secret School JF Avi
Silver Dollar Girl JF Ayres
The Shakespeare Stealer JF Blackwood
Across the Blue Pacific JP+ Borden
Sleds on Boston Common JP Borden
Ruby's Wish JP Bridges
Little Cricket JF Brown
Train To Somewhere JP+ Bunting
Storm Warriors JF Carbone
Hold the Flag High JP+ Clinton
Misadventures of Maude March JF Couloumbis
White Star: A Dog on the Titanic JF Crisp
Watsons Go to Birmingham JF Curtis
Ballad of Lucy Whipple JF Cushman
Catherine Called Birdy JF Cushman
Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker JF DeFelice
A Real American JF Easton
The Birchbark House JF Erdrich
The White Elephant JF Fleischman
Boy Who Saved Cleveland JF Giblin
Lily's Crossing JF Giff
The Wondrous Whirligig JP Glass
Race for the Sky JF Gutman
Anna's Blizzard JF Hart
The Silver Donkey JF Harnett
Aleutian Sparrow JF Hesse
When Jessie Came Across the Sea JP+ Hest
Into the Firestorm JF Hopkinson
Killing in Plymouth Colony JF Hurst
Weedflower JF Kadohata
Great Turkey Walk JF Karr
A Horn for Louis JF Kimmel
Gifts From the Sea JF Kinsey
The Old African JF Lester
Henry's Freedom Box JP+ Levine
Art of Keeping Cool JF Lisle
Freedom School, Yes! JP+ Littlesugar
Jackie's Bat JP+ Lorbiecki
Dear Ellen Bee JF Lyons
The Bobbin Girl JP+ McCully
Away West JF McKissack
Going Someplace Special JP+ McKissack
The Mzungu Boy JF Mwangi
Scarlet Stockings Spy JP+ Noble
The Single Shard J Newbery Park
Blueberries for the Queen JP Paterson
Bread and Roses Too JF Paterson
Legend of Bass Reeves JF Paulsen
Mr. Tucket JF Paulsen
Here Lies the Librarian JF Peck
Orange Trees of Versailles JF Pietri
Butterfly JP+ Polacco
Klondike Gold JP+ Provensen
Dirt on Their Skirts JP+ Rappaport
Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues JF Robinet
Riding Freedom JF Ryan
Invention of Hugo Cabret J Caldecott Selznick
Oh Say I Can't See JF Scieszka
Meet Kaya JF Show
Rowan Hood JF Springer
Shadows of Ghadames JF Stolz
Ice Drift JF Taylor
Coastwatcher JF Weston
Counting on Grace JF Winthrop
Coming on Home JP+ Woodson
Earth Dragon Awakes JF Yep