About Bullying

Fiction for Kids Preschool - 2nd Grade
Lucy & the Bully JP Alexander
Bully Blockers Club JP Bateman
Berenstain Bears & the Bully JP Berenstain
Children's Book About Being Bullied JP Berry
Henry and the Bully JP Carlson
Loudmouth George & the Sixth-Grade Bully JP Carlson
Bully JP Caseley
Jerome Camps Out JP Christelow
Camp Big Paw JE Cushman
Bullies Never Win JP+ Cuyler
Ed Emberley's Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug JP Emberley
Patrick and the Big Bully JP Hayes
Pinky & Rex & the Bully JE Howe
My Secret Bully JP Ludwig
Freckleface Strawberry & the Dodgeball Bully JP Moore
Ant Bully JP Nickle
Yo-Yo Man JP Pinkwater
Zoom! Boom! Bully JE Scieszka
Sneaky Weasel JP Shaw
Tyrone the Terrible JP Wilhelm

Fiction for 3 - 6 Graders
Chrissa JPB Casanova
Jake Drake Bully Buster JF Clements
Powerless JF Cody
Medusa Jones JF Collins
Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher JF Duncan
Gifted JF Evangelista
Jam Jack JF Gervay
Midsummer Night's Dork JF Gorman
Spoon in the Bathroom Wall JF Johnston
Don't Sit on My Lunch JPB Klein
Poison Ivy JF Koss
Larger-Than-Life Lara JF Mackall
BMX Bully JF Maddox
Amelia's Bully Survival Guide JF Moss
Tarantula Power JF Nagda
Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder JF Nesbo
Boy Who Lost His Face JPB Sachar
Outlaw Varjak Paw JF Said
Roughing JPB Schultz
Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge JF Shreve
Oliver Dibb's & the Dinosaur Cause JF Steiner
Bully-be-Gone JF Tacang
Dragonbreath JF Vernon
Super Emma JF Warner
Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back JF Winerip
Luke's Bully JF Winthrop

Nonfiction for All Ages
Bully J 179.8 Amos
Stand Up for Yourself: Dealing With Bullies & Bossiness & Finding a Better Way J 302.34 Criswell
We Want to Know: Kids Talk About Bullying J 302.34 Ellis
Good-Bye Bully Machine J 302.34 Fox
Bullying J 302.34 Grunsell
Dealing with Bullies J 3023.69 Johnston
Talking About Bullying J 303.69 Powell
Bullying J 302.34 Raum
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain J 302.34 Romain
Bullying J 302.34 Saunders
Bullying: How to Deal With Taunting, Teasing & Tormenting J 302.34 Winkler

Nonfiction DVD's
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain J DVD INS 302.3
Stop Bullying Now