Property Tax Rewards Program - Union VIP Card

The purpose of the PTRP is to reward residents for shopping locally. The more residents shop in the Township of Union, the more property tax credit they accumulate toward their individual property tax bills.

Look in the window of our participating businesses to see if it has the logo of the Union VIP Card Property Tax Reward Program and if so, you’ll know that there are tax credits coming your way if you transact with that business.

Have a business in Union?

Click here to sign up and join the Union VIP Program.

Interested in a card?

Call 732.540.9038 or email for your card today! 

Have a card?

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Don't want a card but still want to register? 

Those interested in the program but do not wish to carry a card can create their own QR code. Click here to register then download the PT Card app on your smartphone. 

Click on the "I Accept" and then the green button that states "Proceed To Registration." Then click on "Phone Only Registration." 

You can sign-in to your account to track your accumulated property tax credits on this website. Have a question about the program or logging into your account? Email or call Fincredit at (732) 946-0919.

  1. Participating Businesses
  2. FAQ's
  • American Shave  - 1047 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Blue Ribbon Bakery - 988 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Bon Chon1045C Stuyvesant Ave
  • Cioffis Restaurant929 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Dr. Douglas Lee Chester Dentist1226 Burnet Ave
  • Pao da Casa945 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Garden City Restaurant9858 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Home Wines & Liquors - 1850 Morris Avenue 
  • Nonies Things2014 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Smokers Delight1053 Stuyvesant Ave
  • YiNoodles1018 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Rich & Son1000 Stuyvesant Ave
  • The Gym for Kids 973A Stuyvesant Ave
  • The Pink Room1994 Morris Ave
  • Woodstack of Union9738 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Joes Place2032 Morris Ave
  • Fruit Republique1001 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Magic Fountain1081 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Marios Tutto Bene - 495 Chestnut St
  • El Gordo Eatery219 Morris Ave
  • Johnny Napkins - 1424 Morris Ave
  • Cafe Z - 2333 Morris Ave
  • Lagar Restaurant - 1252 Stuyvesant Ave
  • Souvlaqueria - 2701 Morris Ave
  • Suspenders Restaurant  - 1131 Magie Ave
  • Queijaria ZR Cafeteria - 2626 Morris Ave
  • Icecreamology - 2709 Morris Ave
  • Mark Twain - 1601 Morris Ave
  • Funding Opportunity of America - 6 Kelly place
  • Normas Flowers - 974B Morris Ave
  • Tiffs Burgers and Ale House - 1637 Vauxhall Rd