Borrowing Materials

Your borrowing privileges give you access to the Union Public Library's large collection of books, periodicals, DVD's, Blu-ray discs, audiobooks, music CD's and more.

There is no limit to the number of materials you may borrow at one time except for the following types:
Test Preparation              3 per account
Periodicals:                    15 per account
DVD’s:                             5 Adult & 5 Juvenile per account
Videos:                            5 Adult & 5 Juvenile per account
Music CD’s:                     5 per account
YA Reading List:             1 per account
Juvenile Reading List:     3 per account 
Museum Passes 1 per account
Chromebooks 1 per account
Launchpads 1 per account

The Union Public Library reserves the right to place limits on circulating materials because of high demand.
  1. Fines & Fees
  2. Loan Period
  3. Regional Borrowing
  4. MURAL Program 
15 cents per day for Adult Materials
10 cents per day for Juvenile Materials
25 cents per day for 14 day or "New" adult fiction and nonfiction books
15 cents per day for Audiobooks
15 cents per day for Music CD's
$1.00 per day for DVD's, BluRay Discs
$5.00 per day for Museum Passes
$5.00 per day for Chromebooks

Patrons owing more than $5.00 in Library Fines may not borrow library materials.