2018 Road Program

This year, the Township will be repaving 84 roads and making streetscape enhancements to Stuyvesant Avenue from Morris Avenue to Elmwood Avenue and Springfield Avenue from Vauxhall Road to Montclair Avenue The 2018 Road Program will be broken into multiple phases. Phases I, II & III include 20 roads with partial funding from the NJDOT to complete Union Avenue

Phase I

  • Bershire Drive
  • Carlsen Drive
  • Pilgrim Way
  • Union Ave.
  • Victor Ave.

Phase II

  • Andrew St. N.
  • Bushnell St.
  • Concord Ave. & Concord Place
  • Crane Place
  • Delaware Ave.
  • Howard St.

Phase III

  • Erhardt St. (Vauxhall to Sayre Road S.)
  • Harmony Road
  • Lancaster Road
  • Patton Road
  • Reeves Terrace
  • Shearer Ave.
  • Susan Place
  • Woodmont Road

Lastly, the Township has received 100% funding from the Elizabethtown Gas Company to install handicap ramps and resurface 63 roads in two separate contract, Phase I & Phase II.

  • Falls Ter. (Morris to Berwyn)
  • Kings Court
  • Overlook Terrace
  • Dengler Court
  • Berwyn St. (Falls Terr. to Pine Ave.)
  • Pine Ave. (Morris to Emerson)
  • Pine Ave. (Emerson to Vauxhall)
  • Emerson Ave
  • Park Terrace
  • Union Terrace
  • Greenwood Road South & North
  • Balsam Way South & North
  • Midland Blvd (Euclid Ave to Morris)
  • Midland Blvd (Eulid Ave to Twin Oaks Rd)
  • Summit Place
  • Lum Ave.
  • Huguenot Ave.
  • Lorraine Ave.
  • Beverly Road
  • Townley Ave.
  • Carteret Ave.
  • Vivian Terrace
  • Monmouth Road (Intersection)
  • Monmouth Road (Between Vivian & Lynmar)
  • Springfield Road
  • Hueston Street
  • Floral Ave.
  • Berwyn St. (Bushnell St. to Howard St.)
  • Ohio St.
  • Revere Ave (Astoria to Laurel)
  • Revere Ave. (Laurel to Town Limit)
  • Perry Ave.
  • Laurel Ave.
  • Prospect St. (From Concord to Town Limit)
  • Creston Way
  • Farrington St.
  • Cross St.
  • Maple Ave.
  • Crestview Ave.
  • Raymond Terr.
  • May Terr.
  • Mildred Terr.
  • Oakland Ave
  • Walker Ave
  • Oakwood Crescent
  • Oakwood Parkway
  • Ward lane
  • Long Terrace
  • Oxford Lane(Long Terr. to Ernst Terr.)
  • Oxford Lane (Ernst Terr. area to Island)
  • Haviland Drive
  • Quaker Way
  • Maountainview Ave
  • Coolidge Ave
  • Charles Ave
  • Harding Ave
  • Haines Ave
  • Grandview Ave
  • Arbor Lane
  • Portsmouth Way

The NJDOT will be paving the following roads in 2018.

  • Morris Avenue from Springfield Line to Caldwell Avenue & from Lehigh Avenue to North Avenue.

The County of Union will be paving the following roads in 2018.

  • Stuyvesant Avenue (From Vauxhall Road to Irvington Line)

Lastly, the Department of Public Works will be in the field on a daily basis assessing roads and scheduling repairs. We encourage you to continue to utilize the Township's Report-A-Concern feature to notify us about a potential road hazard. The Report - A - Concern button can be found on the home page.