2019 Road Program

The 2019 Road Program will be broken into multiple phases, Phases I, II & III, for the reconstructing of over 20 roads.  

Phase I

  • Winslow Ave.
  • Morrison Ave. (Winslow to Omara)
  • Woolley Ave.
  • Weber St.

Phase II

  • Fairway Dr. South - Phase I (Rt. 22 to Tinkettle)
  •  Potter Ave. (Morris to Salem)
  • Higa Terr.
  • Palisade Road
  • Clover Terr.
  • Eleanor Terr.
  • Smith St. 
  • Cider Mill Road
  • Huguenot Ave. South (Salem to Nixon)

Phase III

  • Oak Hill Drive
  • Schulyer Way
  • Pitcher Terr.
  • Wayne Terr.
  • Dusquesne Terr.
  • Newark Ave.
  • Marshall St.
  • Ward St. 
  • Cedar Ave.
  • Robert St. 
  • Louise Pl.

Lastly, the Department of Public Works will be in the field on a daily basis assessing roads and scheduling repairs. We encourage you to continue to utilize the Township's Report-A-Concern feature to notify us about a potential road hazard. The Report - A - Concern button can be found in the maroon bar below.