Chromebook and Hotspot Lending

Chromebook and Hotspot Lending

Union Public Library patrons who would like a connection to the internet can take home Chromebooks and mobile hotspots through our Connect2Success library program. Mobile hotspots tap into nearby WiFi networks enabling users to connect to the Internet for free, while Chromebooks allow patrons to access online resources.

Rules & Eligibility

Patron must be 18 years of age or older.

Patron must have a valid Union Public Library card, one that has less than $5 in fines and is not expired.

Only one WiFi hotspot and Chromebook per cardholder will be loaned.

Loan Period

WiFi hotspot and Chromebook may be borrowed for up to 28 days with no renewals. Upon return, a cardholder may not borrow another WiFi hotspot and Chromebook for 14 days.

Terms & Conditions

WiFi hotspot and Chromebook returned late incur a fee of $5 per day, not to exceed the total replacement cost of $280 ($80 for hotspot and $200 for Chromebook)

The patron is responsible for damage, loss or theft of WiFi hotspot and Chromebook, in addition to all of its components, resulting in a replacement fee upward of $80 for hotspot and $200 for Chromebook.

WiFi hotspot will be turned off and wireless service will be terminated if the WiFi hotspot is not returned on the due date. Chromebook will be remotely locked and thus rendered unusable if not returned on the due date.

UPL is not responsible for any liability, damages or expense resulting from use or misuse of the WiFi hotspot and Chromebook, the connection of the WiFi hotspot and Chromebook to other electronic devices, or data loss resulting from use of WiFi hotspot and Chromebook. UPL is also not responsible for any online activity conducted over the WiFi hotspot and Chromebook.