Bakeries & Coffee Shops

Blue Ribbon Bakery

Blue Ribbon Bakery & Cafe

988 Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.688.3200 | Website

Serving traditional bread, pastries, and cakes to many customers for the past 75 years. Our secret recipes are made only with the finest ingredients as well as the handmade workmanship of the owners themselves. We have great pride in offering every customer the delightful service of our every day made products as well as the satisfaction of every customer.

Conca D Oro Bakery

Conca D'Oro Italian Pastry Shop

1039 Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.964.1234 | Website

In Italy, Sicily is known as “Conca D’Oro,” which means “The Golden Pot.” At this pastry shop, that golden pot may be filled with their signature dessert, cannolis! We are also known for our delectable chocolate biscotti. We make delicious traditional Italian pies and cookies special for holidays that we can ship across the country.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

1451 Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.687.3336 | Website

Sip into Dunkin'® and enjoy America's favorite coffee and baked goods chain.

Emilys Bakery

Emily's Portuguese Bakery & Restaurant

962 Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.688.5647 | Website

When it comes to all things baked, such as cookies or fresh bread, Emily's Portuguese Bakery has you covered. So heat things up with a trip to Emily's Portuguese Bakery, and enjoy freshly-baked goods almost too hot to handle.

Jammed Up Bakery

Jammed Up Bakery

Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.258.0369 | Website

A cookie centric bakery, from the people at Van Gogh's Ear Cafe. Join us Saturday’s for breakfast treats & sandwiches!

Van Goghs Ear cafe

Van Gogh's Ear Cafe

1017 Stuyvesant Ave. | 908.810.1844 | Website

Grab a comfy couch, or pull a chair up at one of our retro style dining areas. We are a great place for lunch & dinner, as well as a cozy spot to study, work, or catch up with friends over coffee & dessert!