Go Fund Me - Local Love

Over the last three years, the Township of Union has worked hard to improve its commercial core, Union Center, which is the main economic driver for the Township and where many cultural and civic events take place every year. The Center is a diverse, active local shopping district located in the heart of Union Township where you can find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and services that appeal to every type of visitor and now this public health pandemic has threaten the rebuilding efforts we have invested with growing our small business community.

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The Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Special Improvement District Board are working to help restart the Union Center shopping district and other commercial corridors to attract residents and investors to promote economic growth in our local economy. Currently, we are operating in our new normal during the Coronavirus crisis by identifying funding opportunities to help our local small businesses reset and thrive as we work towards recovery.

The federal government implemented the CARES Act’s stimulus package to help small businesses that have been impacted to stay online with basic operating expenses. As you know these resources were quickly depleted, leaving our small businesses that have been the cornerstone of every community, and without the financial resources to remain open as the country moves towards reopening. We have looked at various funding options through the county, state, federal, and this is where your much-needed financial support will help with economic recovery to restart and thrive.

Your financial support will provide grants for overhead expenses, i.e., rent and utilities, working capital for supplies to maintain basic operation. Also, as we move towards reopening we need to put in place a comprehensive mitigation safety plan that not only protects the public, but the preparedness for the employees that are on the frontline with i.e. mask, gloves, sanitizer stations, and these expenses would be costly for any small business.

Our community has been great with supporting our local economy, and your continued support is still needed to help us meet our fundraising goal of $50,000. Any donation of $50 or more will receive a "Local Love" t-shirt from the Special Improvement District {SID} who will also match dollar to dollar up to $50,000. Please join our efforts!