Township of Union Spotlights

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  1. Graphical Image about E Boro Bandits Fundraiser

    E Boro Bandits: Fundraiser to benefit 2020 Memorial Day Parade

    We are excited to announce our fundraiser featuring the E Boro Bandits, performing country and classic western country. Scheduled for Saturday, February 29th at the Union Senior Center, the fundraiser will include live music and line dancing. Read on...
  2. Decorative spotlight image for 2019 Operation Gift Drop.

    4th Annual Operation Gift Drop

    Have Santa visit your child right before the Holiday! Register below for a chance to be selected as one of the 100 lucky families to receive a visit from Santa and his elves! Read on...
  3. Make 2020 Census Count circular logo

    2020 Census - April 1, 2020

    The 2020 United States Census will be the twenty-fourth United States Census and the first U.S. census to offer options to respond online or by phone, in addition to the option to respond on a paper form as with previous censuses. Read on...
  4. Spotlight on VIP Card

    Enroll your Union VIP Card today!

    The Property Tax Rewards program is a township-supported economic development program providing property tax credits as an incentive to residents for shopping locally. Read on...
  5. Spotlight for  News Flash notifications

    Sign up for our News Flash notifications today!

    Our Notify Me feature serves as the cornerstone for communication and engagement. With this notification system, you are able to subscribe to receive multi-channel notifications on only those topics that matter most to you! Read on...