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Neighborhood Watch Registration Form

  1. upd top reg form
  2. Primary Contact (Captain)
  3. If your address changes or if another member is elected as Captain, please inform your UPD Community Policing Unit by email ( or call 908-851-5252

  4. Neighborhood Information
  5. Is there a request for individual Crime Prevention Home Survey? *
  6. Request for Neighborhood Watch Signage
  7. Request for Neighborhood Watch Signage*
  8. Please indicate how many signs you are requesting or please let us know the location of the old signage that needs to be replaced. 

  9. Important: The Watch Captain has NO legal authority on behalf of the Union Police Department. It is emphasized that “captains” and all participants limit their participation to observations and reporting to the police department. At no time should anyone become physically involved in any situation that may endanger them or another person. This includes, but is not limited to investigating suspicious occurrences or apprehending a criminal.

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