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Union's Got Talent Video Submission

  1. UGT Virtual Show Video Submission Top Graphic

  2. 2021 Union's Got Talent Virtual Show Application

    Please fill out the following form in its entirety and submit your entry video no later than Friday, February 26th at 12pm. Please note that no physical auditions are being held. If there are multiple people involved in your act, each member must be named in the appropriate box below.

  3. (Example: 1 of 3)

  4. 123 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083

  5. Please fill out if performer is under the age of 18!

  6. 123 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083

  7. School Affiliation*

    Are you a current a student in a Township of Union School?

  8. School Affliation*

    Are you a graduate of Union High School?

  9. If so, what grade are you in, and what school do you attend?

  10. If so, what year did you graduate?

  11. Talent*

    Please choose your talent.

  12. Please write down the Title of Song and by what artist.

  13. All videos must be filmed horizontally!

  14. Please make sure you have read the rules and regulations PDF & the media release PDF before completing form. *

    I have read the rules and regulations & the media release form and agree to abide by them to participate in this competition. I understand failure to follow the rules may result in my inability to participate.

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